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My Teaching Assistantships (TA)


Welcome to the My Teaching Assistantships website for students. We have developed this website to help current Teaching Assistants (TA) keep track of their appointment and assignments.  This website is part of a fully online system that allows us to automate many parts of the teaching assistantship appointment process.

The entire online process involves two systems:

  1. The TA Posting System - the system used for continuing TAs to find available subsequent assignments and indicate their interest in those positions. This system is also used to hire new teaching assistants.
  2. The TA Tracking System - the system used for tracking assignment and appointment information.  This is also where you will accept or decline your assignment, sign your contract and DDAH forms.

For the purposes of this system, an appointment is defined as your initial assignment plus your 5 subsequent assignments. An assignment is the job that you will perform as part of your appointment.

As a Teaching Assistant, you are represented by The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 Unit 1 (CUPE Local 3902). 

How to use this website:

Bookmark this webpage if you are a current teaching assistant (TA).  This is the place you will find  the details about your appointment (starting year, expiry year, guaranteed number of hours, etc.)  You will also find details about your job and links to your DDAH form and contract. 

In addition, you will be asked to visit this site to engage in various parts of the process.  For example, once we have matched you with a job for the following year, you will be asked to confirm that you accept or decline the offer from this page.  You will also be able to view and sign your DDAH form and contract when it is required.

We will continue to communicate with you via email to notify you about the step in the proces but this is the place where you will provide input and where your information will always be available. Because you must login to this page using your UTORid, only your personal information will be displayed to you.

Please note: The preferred web browsers for this website is Safari, Chrome or Firefox You will also need to ensure that javascript is turned on.

Your Information:

At the bottom of this page, you will find your personal information.

Inside the My Info box, your name, email and student number are displayed.  The email address that is displayed is the one that we have on file and will use to contact you with any email correspondence.  It is the email address that you have entered into ROSI.  If it is incorrect, please input the correct address on ROSI and the data below will be automatically updated within a few days.

Under My Info, two tabs will appear.  A tab called My Appointments shows you the details of all the appointments that you have held so far. Click on your name to display the list of assignments that belong to that appointment.  If you have multiple appointments, you will see your name listed multiple times.  Click on the job title to display the details of that assignment.

Another tab called My Jobs gives you your jobs view.  This is a listing of all your jobs.  This is also where you will be asked to accept or decline your assignment and view links to your DDAH form and contract.

If there are any discrepancies in the data, please contact Lisa Jack at ta.music@utoronto.ca

Current Step in the Process: View application results.

Questions or need assistance?  Email Lisa Jack at ta.music@utoronto.ca

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