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My Teaching Assistantship (TA) Supervisions

Welcome to the Teaching Assistantships website for instructors who are supervising teaching assistants. This website is part of a fully online system that allows us to automate many parts of the teaching assistantship appointment process.

TA Tracking System - the system used for tracking your teaching assistants that you are supervising.  This is also where you will develop, submit, and sign the Description of Duties and Hours (DDAH) form and sign the contract.

For the purposes of this system, an appointment is defined as the teaching assistant's initial assignment plus their 5 subsequent assignments. An assignment is the job that they perform as part of their appointment.

Teaching assistants are represented by The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 Unit 1 (CUPE Local 3902). 

How to use this website:

Bookmark this website if you supervise any teaching assistants (TA).  On this webpage you will find:

  1. A list of all your teaching assistants and their jobs that you are supervising or have supervised
  2. A link to the DDAH form (to view, develop and submit) for that job
  3. A link to the Contract (to view and sign) for that job

During specific times in the process you will be asked to visit this site to complete various tasks.  For example, once your job has been matched, you will be asked to develop and submit a DDAH form. You will do that here.

We will continue to communicate with you via email to notify you about the next step in the proces but this is the place where you will provide input and where your information will always be available. Because you must login to this page using your UTORid, only your personal information will be displayed to you.

If there are any discrepancies in the data, please contact Lisa Jack at ta.music@utoronto.ca

Please note: The preferred web browsers for this website is Safari, Chrome or Firefox You will also need to ensure that javascript is turned on.

Current Step in the Process: Sign Contract, Complete & Sign DDAH form

Deadline: August 30, 2019

Your teaching assistant’s contract and DDAH form are now available to sign.  Please follow the instructions below for each job that you are supervising.

Steps to view and sign your Contract and DDAH form:

  1. Select 2019 from the drop down list of dates (below).  A list of your supervisions for 2019 will appear.
  2. Under Contract, click on "View".  Review the contract and sign it by clicking on "Supervisor Signature". Click on "Save & Close" to save your signature.  Please remember to check that the job title, # of hours and term are accurate before you sign the contract.
  3. Before filling out the DDAH form, please verify the following details of your teaching assistant's assignment (below): 
    1. Course and Title information
    2. Term: F=Fall (Sept-Dec), W=Winter (Jan-April), FY= Full year (Sept-April).  This information will indicate when your teaching assistant will be working for you.
    3. #Hrs: This is the number of hours that the teaching assistant will work for you.  When filling out the DDAH form, the total number of hours must be equal to this amount.
    4. Please do NOT use .5 hours - the system has trouble recognizing this percentage

    If any of the information is incorrect, please contact Lisa Jack at ta.music@utoronto.ca.

    As per the CUPE3902-Unit 1 Collective Agreement, Article 16:08, "...the supervisor shall provide the candidate with a written description of the position including the nature of the duties and the number of hours required to complete the said duties. Such descriptions shall be completed on a Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours (DDAH)..."

  4. When filling out the DDAH form(s), please keep in mind that:

    • The Description of Duties form(s) should reflect what was advertised in the job posting (if applicable).
    • Detail is needed.  For each duty that is included, the number of hours and students (if applicable) should be stated clearly.  For example, if you require the teaching assistant to mark assignments, you need to specify the number of assignments, and for each assignment, the number of students and the number of hours you anticipate it will take them to complete the task. The DDAH Form with Helpful Hits may be useful to understand the level of detail you need to include.
    • Training should be specified and included in the total number of hours that the teaching assistant has been assigned.  A four-hour training session is mandatory ONLY for your teaching assistant's first appointment.  You will receive an email with the names of NEW TAs for whom you must allot the 4-hr training session.
    • If you would like some input from your teaching assistant to help develop the DDAH form, you may contact them directly using their email address listed below.

    How to fill out the DDAH form:

    1. For each of your teaching assistant(s), choose "Edit" under DDAH.  This will open Page 1 of the DDAH form in the current screen.  You may have to wait a few seconds for it to load.
    2. On Page 1, select the tasks that will be included in the duties for the job. This is not an exhaustive list. You will have the opportunity to add other duties on Page 2 of the form.
    3. Click on "Save and Go to Next Page".
    4. The tasks that you selected on Page 1 will appear under the appropriate section on Page 2.  For the Contact and Marking/Grading sections, add a text box by clicking on "+ Add Custom Duty and/or Detail" to include more detail.  For example, if you selected Office hours, specify the #hours/week X #weeks in the text box.  You only need to indicate the number of hours once in the "Preliminary # of hours" column.
    5. You can also include additional duties that were not included in the list on Page 1 by clicking on "+ Add Custom Duty and/or Detail".  For each additional duty/task indicate the number of hours you anticipate that the teaching assistant will need to complete that duty/task under the "Preliminary # of hours" column.
    6. ALERT:  We are working to correct a glitch with the custom duty/detail option.  Meanwhile, you can use the following work-around:  enter your custom duty/hours, click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen, click the BACK button to return to page one, click the NEXT button to return to the second page. The custom duty and hours should be incorporated into the DDAH, including in the hour total at the bottom of the page.  Sorry.
    7. The total number of hours will be automatically calculated at the bottom of the "Preliminary # of hours" column.  Verify that the total number of hours is equal to the number of hours of the assignment. 
    8. Click on the "Save DDAH Form" button.
    9. You can verify if the form was saved by going back to the list of your teaching assistantship supervisions and clicking on the "Edit" again.  The information you inputted into the form should re-appear.  You may edit the information but be sure to click on the "Save DDAH Form" button to save your changes.
    10. Don't forget to click the supervisor signature box at the bottom of the second page of the DDAH form.

    Please note the total number of hours for which you have TA support.  If your teaching assistant exceeds the total number of hours of their teaching assistantship, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to pay for any additional hours.


Next Step in the Process:

Once you have signed the contract and DDAH form, your part of the process is complete. We hope you have a wonderful and productive year with your Teaching Assistant.




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